Mark Kaethler

20160910_135946Welcome to the personal website for Mark Kaethler. Mark teaches early English literature at Medicine Hat College (Medicine Hat, AB). He serves as Assistant Director of Mayoral Shows for The Map of Early Modern London as well as Assistant Director for Linked Early Modern Drama Online, both of which are hosted at the University of Victoria (Victoria, BC). In the former directorial capacity, he is overseeing the creation of the first full anthology of mayoral shows, and in the latter he is assisting in linking digital projects and helping to oversee the editing of early dramatic texts. He received his doctorate in Literary Studies and Theatre Studies in English from the University of Guelph (Guelph, ON) in 2016. He studied previously at Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, ON), and his research interests include early modern literature, game studies, digital humanities, and textual editing.

Any views expressed here are his own.